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14 Mar , 2015  


            A successful marriage is only in God’s Kingdom who is its creator. You cannot add anything to it. Marriage is within God. Ph 4: 19. You change the Rules and it results in Destruction.

Marriage is not just another company it’s a special union.  You should not quench the spirit of a man. There is an inner wind in you, that needs to be ACTIVATED and your PARTNER must be a SOURCE of Inspiration to YOU more than any other Friend or Family member is.

Why is marriage very important? It’s because it is a Lifetime Commitment.  It’s not a contract but it is a blood covenant. “Marriage is the beautiful Accommodation of Another’s life’

There are ten isolated Reasons that drive people to get married for the wrong reasons.

To Spite Parents– You are not happy with them and you look for a way to hit back. You feel you want to exercise your rights and freedom since you are all grown up.


  • To Get out of the House– May be you feel the house is crowded or too many rules. You just do not like it at home. You feel an- appreciated maybe due to many siblings.


  • No Self Image– You want to prove you are mature and yet you are not really ready.


  • Rebound after Divorce– You want to prove to yourself that you are still attractive and you do not want to be alone. You are used to having someone around. You rebound.


  • Fear of being left out– Most of your friends are married, family members, cousins and they keep asking the question “When are you getting married?”.. The pressure amounts on you.


  • Fear of Being Independent– You have always depended on someone.  You feel not loved. In marriage you will continue to depend.


  • Guilt- You feel obligated to someone and you do not want trouble because:

After being friends with someone for so long…since primary school, You feel the urge to please your friend and not hurt them.

The guilty trips of emotions of not wanting to offend because he or she helped you so much when you were in need. They sacrificed for you. You feel you owe them.

The person bought you an expensive gift and you feel tied to them cause of it. It is a constant reminder of the way they feel .. but you don’t


  • To be a Therapist– you become a therapist to someone who does not want to change. They threaten “suicide”. They do not want to change even after 20 years. They become mentally and emotionally attached to you. You are their comfort.


  • Getting married in order to have legal sex. Sex gives you pleasure and you do not want to commit fornication. You get married for pleasurable reasons not the Joy of marriage.    Sex is a mental stimulation.


  • Due to Pregnancy- There is no illegitimate child. Do not blame the child for your illegitimate act. A one night stand, one stupid action. You get guilty for ever and mess your entire future.


Ask yourself then…. Why am l, getting married or why did l get married to this person?

Check it …. for this is the Foundation of your entire Destiny of Purpose in your Life.

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