Dr. Janet Rogers.


Janet Rogers is Counselor on Marriage and Family matters. She is passionate about Women Empowerment, a motivational Speaker who has worked with various NGOs and Faith Based Organization to enhance Family Development in the 21st Century. She has participated on various debates. One of her major focus is to write blogs on Relationships and the Purpose of a Woman. The challenges faced on bringing up children, either by single or married couple.   She holds a Ph.D . She is married to Rogers and is a mother of twin boys Edwin and Anthony.

She says: As A Parent, The Best Gift to Your Child is:  “Give your child, double your time and half the money. 

Dr. Janet says that, the one single thing that parents are falling to give to their children is Time. They are too busy making the money and giving it to them to spend it. But parents are Not Investing Time with their children. Most children are well provided for, but they do not enjoy a good and healthy relationship with their parents. Children suffer from emotional emptiness because their physical love tank is empty and it’s not being filled.  Spending time each week, listening to your child and not handing down the “don’ts” is the key to forming a strong foundation, of a quality relationship. Hence the statement,

“Give Your Child Double Your Time and Half the Money”. 

Your children will remember you for the time you spent with them, more than, what your spoke to them about.  It will hold you in good stead especially when they are adults and roles are reversed. Mother’s start early, make time and know your beloved children for soon, they will “fly away” never to return to the roost. We all have been given equal Time.


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