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Get a New Chance at a New Beginning

4 Jan , 2015  

Ask and it will be Given to You; Knock and the Door will Be Opened Seek and You will Find”  


To You in 2015


Gals ….Ask…. … and …..Knock,,,,, and Seek…  It Shall Be Given to You This Day


The Genesis of something means, its beginning, it is the start of a new thing…

The New Year is here and it is indeed wonderful to live it and enjoy it to the full.


In the beginning of a new year, people all over the world make New Year Resolutions of the new things they will start doing to make their lives better. Some make promises to:

  • Start going to the Gym, others talk of losing weight
  • Others will start new business and others declare they will go back to college
  • To start attending church, etc. From January of the New Year.

Indeed they do start and they talk of how exciting the gym is or their business, they are very enthusiastic and excitement is in their voice. They are in the genesis of their new  year resolution. They do have the good intention to finish what they set out to do.  But they do it with their own strength.  Soon they start wearing out and by March they are starting to slow down and missing out. They lack the required support and strength to carry on to the finishing line.


It takes courage to implement a resolution but it takes determination to fullfill it. In Joshua 1;19  “Be strong and Courageous. Do not be terrified for the Lord your God will be with you where you Go’


A person must have a self –inner resolve and a deep desire to achieve their goals. That person must associate with the right people and Ask for sound advice from them. You must Knock on the Door of your Desire and it shall be Opened to you.


Be ready to lose some friends who are not supportive of your good resolution. For you to succeed you should set a time in your daily schedule to work on your set goals. Your family’s support is fundamental to your success. Seek it and it will amaze you how some will come through for you.


But it all starts with you, and you are the ‘’engine”’ that keeps the resolution car running.’


Start off with “dedicated baby steps’ and form a habit of character’. At first, it’s very difficult for you have been “set up” in a certain way. Now you are effecting change and “setting up” a different lifestyle for your goals. e.g.  If your set up to go to the Gym 3 times a week. Stick to it and make it a habit and soon it will evolve to becoming you character. Soon people will know that they cannot meet you then, for you are at the Gym. They will respect it and you do not have to give excuses anymore.


Gals… .. it’s time to make a difference… this is special year.. You Can Do It


 Gals…….Unless you do it, You will never know the outcome…


Gals… Set to Do a New Thing in Your Life….  in this New Year…..


Gals… Let us Do it Now….


Gals… Let us Ask..!!!!, Knock …and Seek…. for our Lord will Give To You…..

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