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26 Jan , 2015  


Dr. Janet Rogers

 Sight is a Function of the eyes, But; Vision is a function of the heart. “Eyes that Look are common, BUT eyes that see are rare. Without vision, sight has no hope.’

Gals…, it is easy to make and speak of a New Year resolutions but it is a complete different ball game to implement and achieve the set up goals at the end of the year’s journey.


In November of 2013, l made up my mind that in 2014, l would go back to college and get my Doctoral degree.  It was quite a challenging thought line, especially because l had wanted to do it in 2011 but sickness came upon me and knocked me down. All my plans were put on hold for the next 2 years as my body was recuperating.  I had to convince myself first, that indeed, l could do it and l would do it. It was of  high priority in my life.

How was l to achieve it and what needed to Be done first  

  • A Good Book Shelve for that particular Study.  
  • Internet in the house –Wi-Fi 
  • A Good Laptop  
  • Proper Home management 
  • A Designated working area in the house. 




Dr Janet


Sight is the Ability to see things as they Are: Vision is the capacity to see things as they could BE

Early January of 2014, l held a meeting with my family and l formally requested for their support. I needed them to understand the intensity of the study and the work load that would require extended hours and research. I needed peace and silence.

I am a busy lady full of responsibilities; l ran a business, lm a motivational speaker and a principle of a Bible college. I do counselling (single and married couples). I travel and not to mention the charity work that l do.  I’m a wife and a mother. My calendar of events is therefore normally full. Yet l had to fit in the study schedule that l had set out to achieve.


Next, l set up my study area and organized my study materials. The study guide was decided by the number of modules and the thesis that had to be completed within the set time.

But l resolved that l had to work within the 24 hours given to me every morning by my God. I chose to work 4 days from 7pm – to midnight every week. It would give me 5 weeks per module and 1 week for corrections with an allowance of rest. Next l encouraged my household members to help in the kitchen and other family chores in the absence of the helper.

To succeed, l had to get and stay focused … The temptations were there; The Invitations, Television, Just not being in the mood and to the ability to Get started. There is that inner voice which tells you … There is time tomorrow... you can do double the work….. But l had to conform to my set of new habits and create the self-discipline required to meet the challenge.


Vision Empowers People to Action

But l kept a picture on my study desk, and in mind of a friend who had graduated with PhD and l kept telling myself… ” 2014 is my year. It’s my turn to wear the red gown”. I kept the picture of my goal daily before me and it became my tower of strength, courage and hope.


The Family was supportive; my son Edwin was incredible at solving my computer problems while my husband Roger got me a new laptop and ensured internet Wi-Fi connection at home.

Some of my good friends encouraged me. One friend in particular Dr Maxwell would call at 11 am at night and check out how l was studying. When l was not in the mood, my husband would ask me: How is our doctorate study coming along, we need it in the family’. My spirit would be lifted up to study again. It was the collective support that helped me through the year.   It took courage, strength and support.  Gals….I knocked on doors, Asked for help and God gave me the strength and wisdom to win the race.


Your Vision Becomes the Product of Your Purpose

In November 2014, indeed l wore the hut and the red gown and felt l tremendous sense of achievement as l received my PhD in leadership with my family at hand to share in the success. It was no mean fit, but l had Graduated.., with distinctive grades.


Gals…. it’s what you purpose that brings action to your life…….  


Gal… Dream Again and stir up your New Year Goal…. 


Yes… lm now Dr. Janet Rogers…but it was not handed  

To me on a silver plate… l earned it… it costs 


Activate Your Purpose with What Could Be  

                  In 2015 

Dr Janet on Graduation Day in Nov 2014 with Other PhD Graduates

Dr Janet on Graduation Day in Nov 2014 with Other PhD Graduates


It’s your Turn TODAY….. Gal… !! !…What  Gown of Accomplishment  in Your Field

Do You Want to Wear in Dec… 2015……

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    Wow im inspired Dr J, it was great meeting you on Friday, looking forward to hosting you at our High Tea in October!

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