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The Power of Fulfillment of Purpose

11 Apr , 2014  

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The Power of Fulfillment of Purpose.

To have power in a particular domain is to have the ability to do something.  Every Woman was born with a seed about their purpose. You acquire an education, and learn skills.  These two aspects you obtain by learning and training.  But, Your Gift, you were born with it.

The Gift is buried deep within you. The Seed of that Gift is inside you. Yet!! When that Seed Gift is “Watered” when it awakens, and you feel it, you do it, you experience a sense of fulfillment. The contentment that you experience is greatly fulfilling and satisfying to her.


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The Role of the Woman in a Man’s Life.

23 Mar , 2014  

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When God created man, he immediately gave him a home.  A home is a place of rest and Peace and God called it the Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden was beautiful to look upon.  It had fruits, flowers, trees, rivers and animals .  It was a place of beauty, for God had made it beautiful.  God gave man the ability to appreciate that and pleasant to look at and good for food. There were four rivers and the first river was called Pishon, it wind through the entire land of Havilah where there was gold. Aromatic resin and onyx were also there. More…

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The Creation of a Woman, is God’s Idea.

7 Mar , 2014  

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From the Desk of  Dr. Janet

 The Gals Today

The Creation of a Woman, is God’s Idea.

A woman is God’s special and last creation.  But what is of major interest is that a woman was created after everything else had been created by God.  The universe had been created and it was filled with life.  The birds of the air,  the fish in the sea, the animals on the dry land and the solar system.  Adam had been created and he already had been given the dominion of the Garden of Eden.  God had given him a home, a Garden that God had personally planted. More…

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