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17 May , 2015  

Marriage is God’s idea. It is the one institution that can bring you the highest level of happiness and with the same stroke it can bring you sadness that is worse than death.

Marriage in itself offers a Healthy Palace to live in, within a Kingdom of  humans beings. Living in a Palace makes life exciting and enjoyable.

It brings hope, courage and fulfilment of purpose in one’s life.

Yet Marriage can also be a prison without expectation of freedom without growth and a destruction of destiny of purpose. Sometimes,  welcoming death.

It is better to marry and  test  the  Paradise of God’s life  than not to, and   wonder…” what it might have been”…It is good to connect with someone for love and for life than to be alone and never know the Joy of Sharing  Oneself.

There are 10 reasons why you should get married.

1: The Covenant of marriage.  You have met someone who loves you and you

love them too.. and you  want to spend the rest of your life your life

expressing your love for them in marriage.

2: It is God’s Will that you get married

3:  It  Expresses God’s love – which is Agape type of love.

4:  In marriage, you are able to Express Personal love to each other inclusively

at the exclusion of all others for life.

5. In this context of marriage, you are able to Fulfil Your Sexual Needs/Desires

in a Godly and holy way.

6.  For Companionship in marriage is of the highest level. To share with

Someone your : Bed, Your bank account, Your car, Your Home, your

Problems,  your joys, and Your Most Precious Time here on earth..

That is the uniqueness of marriage.

7: To have the ability to Maximize God’s Potential in you. You bring the best

out of  someone and  yours too for the foundation is LOVE.

8: You want to enhance your Spiritual Growth and for your spouse that the

Spiritual connection ties together in a very godly way.  You know what they

will say before they speak.. you are in them and they are in you.

Both of you are locked in true love .

9: For Procreation.  To reproduce one of our kind through the expression of

our of love. Children must be born within and grow within a marriage

to become the best whole people that they can become.

God does not need many children. You do not need many children.

All children need care, love and growth in a healthy loving environment.

10: Art of Living Together. Marriage is not just for sex.  Of the 100%, 10 % is sex

while the balance of  90% is the art of living together in harmony for

strength, development of  purpose in your life while on earth.

In Conclusion:

A successful marriage is only in God’s Kingdom. You cannot add anything to it.

Marriage is within God. Ph 4: 19: “And my God will meet All your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus”  You change the Rules… you cause destruction. Stick with the manual from the manufacturer and you will not go wrong. You will enter the realm of paradise that few ever live to know.

Marriage is for YOU… GO FOR IT.

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