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26 Jan , 2015  

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Dr. Janet Rogers

 Sight is a Function of the eyes, But; Vision is a function of the heart. “Eyes that Look are common, BUT eyes that see are rare. Without vision, sight has no hope.’

Gals…, it is easy to make and speak of a New Year resolutions but it is a complete different ball game to implement and achieve the set up goals at the end of the year’s journey.


In November of 2013, l made up my mind that in 2014, l would go back to college and get my Doctoral degree.  It was quite a challenging thought line, especially because l had wanted to do it in 2011 but sickness came upon me and knocked me down. All my plans were put on hold for the next 2 years as my body was recuperating.  I had to convince myself first, that indeed, l could do it and l would do it. It was of  high priority in my life.


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