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Get a New Chance at a New Beginning

4 Jan , 2015  


Ask and it will be Given to You; Knock and the Door will Be Opened Seek and You will Find”  


To You in 2015


Gals ….Ask…. … and …..Knock,,,,, and Seek…  It Shall Be Given to You This Day


The Genesis of something means, its beginning, it is the start of a new thing…

The New Year is here and it is indeed wonderful to live it and enjoy it to the full.


In the beginning of a new year, people all over the world make New Year Resolutions of the new things they will start doing to make their lives better. Some make promises to:

  • Start going to the Gym, others talk of losing weight
  • Others will start new business and others declare they will go back to college
  • To start attending church, etc. From January of the New Year.


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