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The Creation of a Woman, is God’s Idea.

7 Mar , 2014  

From the Desk of  Dr. Janet

 The Gals Today

The Creation of a Woman, is God’s Idea.

A woman is God’s special and last creation.  But what is of major interest is that a woman was created after everything else had been created by God.  The universe had been created and it was filled with life.  The birds of the air,  the fish in the sea, the animals on the dry land and the solar system.  Adam had been created and he already had been given the dominion of the Garden of Eden.  God had given him a home, a Garden that God had personally planted.

The Word ‘Eden’ means “delight”.  Everything that a woman needed had been prepared before her arrival on earth.  Adam was a man of means, he was created a provider.

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Eve, the woman came to be Adam’s companion. She came endowed with Favour, Influence and a Passion to Love.  She came to help Adam be the ruler that God meant him to be.  Adam could not make it on his own, and therefore God created this beautiful being with attractive features and a heart of love.

When a woman needs a life partner (a husband) the man who chooses/proposes her, should have the ability to provide and work hard.  The man needs to have the Garden of Eden (his mind) and the woman will help him to enjoy  the “delights” in the Garden as they plant the right seeds of life together in the Garden of Eden .

As a woman, you are God’s idea and His very special creation and you should only respond to that man who is capable and able to provide.  He must have the Garden of Delight that you may “come into it” and help him work it.

Gals Today, ask yourselves, “Does your man Posses the Garden of Eden? (His abilities, mind, work etc), or does he think that, you the woman, will bring it to him?


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  1. Charlotte says:

    This is really so beautiful and well-written. thank you so much for thinking about as younger women. keep up the good work and God bless you

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