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The Power of Fulfillment of Purpose

11 Apr , 2014  

The Power of Fulfillment of Purpose.

To have power in a particular domain is to have the ability to do something.  Every Woman was born with a seed about their purpose. You acquire an education, and learn skills.  These two aspects you obtain by learning and training.  But, Your Gift, you were born with it.

The Gift is buried deep within you. The Seed of that Gift is inside you. Yet!! When that Seed Gift is “Watered” when it awakens, and you feel it, you do it, you experience a sense of fulfillment. The contentment that you experience is greatly fulfilling and satisfying to her.

When a woman has Not Activated that Gift Seed, She is always Yearning.  It’s like a thirst in her, the more water she drinks, the thirstier she gets.  Even when she has all the money she needs, “she asks herself”? “Is this, all there is to my life”?  “Is this it”?  “Why am I not happy”?  “I thought money and self independence was everything.”  God has given you a Gift Seed, not for yourself only, but for mankind.  Your Gift adds value to your generation in your life time.

Heaser 1 333

There is the stereotype woman, catagonized by phases. The first phase is schooling, and then there is college and finding self identity.  It is followed by career, boyfriend and marriage.  Then there is the money oriented goals.  The realization of  “Who really AM I”.

There is the wanting to “Go Back” to where you lost your purpose.  The finding of the

 “Real Self” and wanting to “Know” and “Do Your Purpose” – “Your Actual Dream”.  The Real purpose, the Walk towards your Right Road to your Destiny.    The Finding of “Your Purpose”.

Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          Now you have Satisfaction, you feel content, and the smile on your face as your mind is enlightened with “The Know”.  The thirst is gone, the water of purpose has quenched your thirst.   Finally, “Doing Your Purpose” has brought Peace, Joy and harmony within thyself.

Gal…….Have you awakened your……….  Gift Seed?

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