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1 Oct , 2014  

For a man indeed, ought not to cover his head, for as much as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man’(1 Cor 11:17)

Every woman is should  have a Spiritual Covering  (Spiritual Protection) over her life in order to operate in the Proper Spiritual Protocol once they are married or they are in a relationship. A young girl has her father as her covering.  In the absence of your father or husband, a senior male relative gives you the covering, like Modecai was an uncle to Esther and gave her Covering (Spiritual Authority over Esther) in the bible.

But mostly, women undermine the power of the Spiritual Covering of their husbands. Since the woman was borne of a man, then he is her source and that is why he is referred to as father, one with authority.

A husband gives, Cover over his wife Spiritually, against terrestrial and atmospheric evil forces thrown at her by the enemy.  It is of paramount importance that a woman gives honour to her Spiritual Covering. Even though she can pray and do spiritual warfare, she should stop

 “Pulling Down Her Spiritual Cover” that God has given her in her husband with her attitude of   “it’s no big deal” “what he can do, l can do”  ‘l can pray as well  as he does, or l got God on my side behaviour ‘ …!..!

When women fail to acknowledge or trust their husband’s authority as a cover over their lives, they open themselves to direct demonic attacks.   A woman must see (her husband)

the man in the image of God as a Spiritual authority placed in your life by God.

When a Christian woman walks with the comfort and courage of the coverage she has in her husband (the head). She reflects it by celebrating it.  In this respect she can always stand under as an equal or comparable that is graced and positioned differently so that she will Flourish in her place and office in life when she understands the Spiritual Aspects of Coverage.


She is not in competition with her spouse, yet she reserves the right of what principles she will live her life by what she wants to achieve. Her inner beauty of Joy and Peace is revealed as her shield of having it all in one plate for she blossoms with contentment in all dimensions of her life.

Gals …. Today…..Applaud your spouse in the Spirit……

Do NOT Pull Your Husband Down Spiritually…..

                       But .. …….  Build …..and …… Honour Him….

Yes.. !….!..!.. Gal….  ….You  can …. Do It… Start … Today………

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    Be Blessed always Madame Janet. You are one of a very special kind of person. Moto

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