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The Role of the Woman in a Man’s Life.

23 Mar , 2014  

When God created man, he immediately gave him a home.  A home is a place of rest and Peace and God called it the Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden was beautiful to look upon.  It had fruits, flowers, trees, rivers and animals .  It was a place of beauty, for God had made it beautiful.  God gave man the ability to appreciate that and pleasant to look at and good for food. There were four rivers and the first river was called Pishon, it wind through the entire land of Havilah where there was gold. Aromatic resin and onyx were also there.  Thus when God created Eve, and when Adam looked and saw  Eve, he smiled,   he could not take his eyes of her. She was full of beauty.   Adam was mesmerized; he could only gaze at her.  He no longer knew where he was going.  He stopped on his tracks, he was confused, and his mouth agape.. saying ..Wo.. .woo…. Woo woo… woman.. there was beauty… beyond measure. A Beauty to behold that he had not seen before. Adam had gold for her and aromatic perfumes from his Garden.

Blog 2

Adam had the ability to appreciate the beauty that God had made for him.   The one to wear the gold Eve, had arrived.

Man being by himself was incomplete because he did not have a companion.  God gives the purpose of woman in stating he would create for man a ‘help meet’, which means “suitable helper”.  It literally means “a helper like man. The Hebrew word “ezer ” means “help, support and helper”:  While this word designates assistance, it is more frequently used in a concrete sense to designate the assistant.”  It is therefore concluded that woman was created as man’s counterpart and his assistant.  A woman is man’s co-helper in life.  The word helper is not a demeaning term.  It is used in reference to God in the book of Psalms.  The term denotes purpose.  A woman was created to assist man in life.

In Conclusion, it has always been God’s stated plan that Man and Woman should be Together Working with a Common Purpose in Life in the Garden of Eden, the Delightful Place. Where are you Gal? Are you in the Garden of Eden with?….   


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