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The Spiritual Garden of Your Spoken Words

2 Sep , 2014  

The Spiritual Garden of Your Spoken Words


Öut of the heart the mouth speaks, The Good man from his inner good treasure flings forth Good things, The Evil man, out of his inner evil storehouse (mind) flings out evil things. 


As a farmer sows seeds into the ground that brings forth a harvest, so do our Words Spoken  in the Spiritual Garden bring forth a harvest too.


Gals… God has given you His word and a Tongue to create the Future you Desire. Not for others But for Yourself

  Words can Poison

                                    Words can Heal

                                    Words start and Fight Wars BUT  Words Make Peace

                                    Words Lead Men to the Pinnacle of God

                                    Words can Plunge Men to the Depths of Evil. (Marguenite Schumann)


What then is the work of our Mouths? What  does it Do?

Our Mouths Express what we think? Gals….. No one can see nor read your Thoughts. But  the Mouth Reveals what we…. Think..  Feel…..Want….

The mouth Reveals the Speaker…. The self…

Gals…. you can learn about self by listening to things you speak most about most.


The Effect of Your Words

They can increase or decrease your level of Joy

They can affect answers to your prayers

They can have Positive or Negative effect on your Future


Gals…When you are NOT happy/satisfied with the condition of your life.. Check/Do an inventory of the words you have spoken before or you continue to speak.

When words are spoken.  they go into the Spiritual Garden and Activate the Spiritual Atmosphere.  As seeds require soil, water and air to Grow, so do your spoken Words require belief, faith and the atmosphere to grow and bring fourth a harvest.

Gals…. Today .. speak seed words and plant them in the Spiritual Garden watering them with your Good Desire of Belief and Faith for a Good Future..

Gals… Call Out…!.!!! .. What You Desire…. that Aligns with the Word,….   Do  Not Call out the Bad that  You See… Call in the Good….


Gals …..Change Your Words and     Change your Life…..

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