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The Womanhood Spirit

17 Aug , 2015  





“Surviving is important, BUT Thriving is Elegant’ late Dr. Maya Angelou.


As we start to learn about the God given Woman’s spirit, Gals, l do hope that the written words will help each Gal change her life for the Better.


Women’s lives are highly controlled by their emotions. These emotions are very power and they are either positive or negative. A woman needs to find her own voice amidst intense pain and grief that she has experienced.

A woman needs to find her space and sit down with herself in the quietness of time. She needs to come back to herself and ask?:


· What Makes Her Life as a Woman Meaningful?

· This Woman has to find Courage within Herself;

· She has to learn to Get Up Again ………and Again..

· She has to walk steadily through her own Valley… in her life.


Many Gals have had to ” Get Up ’ it in their own lives. Yet we know that no 2 Valleys are alike or similar. No two Gals (woman’s) circumstances are alike.

Each Gal will endure different Storms; Trials; Tribulations and Triumphs as they walk through their valleys of life.

But in the end: Every Gal Hopes TO GET THROUGH ALL OF THEM

(storms, pain, trials etc) Intact , Whole and Stronger

Most of All….l You become a Gal Better than Before.


Every Gal, has a particular challenges that touches on her heart. A woman’s heart is a very precious thing. The heart of a woman must be guarded, Protected and Respected. A woman is wired in different ways.

All her wires are ALL Connected to her Heart. She operates from her heart, which is the seat of her emotions… She does what her heart tells her.

Every Gal must know when to listen to her heart and when to use her mind.

This opens her, to the her Woman Spirit that is the key to the fulfilment of her call.

The Woman spirit in you will guide you into the decisions you make. The positive emotions will build you into driving you into your destiny. Yet the negative emotions will destroy and hinder your progress towards attainment of your goals.

Gals Today.. get attuned into your Woman Spirit .. that positive spiritual resource that will make you get up again and again .


Gals Today.. wake up and find

· What Makes Your Life as a Woman Meaningful?


Gals… .. Today…

Can you Check yourself out…. Have you Unlocked your Woman Spirit…..?

Gals.. where are you Today?

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    Loving this, so profound!

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