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Tribute to Dr Myles Munroe

9 Dec , 2014  

A Leader, Full of Inspiration and Hope

Everyone needs a mentor

“The Greatest Tragedy in Life is not death but Life without Purpose.” (Dr Myles)

Every person needs someone to inspire them at Every Stage of their life and to set higher standards of achievements.

It is almost 8 years ago when l was driving my children and friends to Pretoria to go meet the New President of Kenya in 2007 when l put the CD of Dr Myles in which he was preaching in S. Africa 1994 during apartheid, when l heard this statement;

The Greatest Tragedy is Not Death: But Life without Purpose…

It was a very thought provoking statement and full of challenge…it made us all think and got debate started. What then is life all about? What is the purpose of waking up every morning? We asked each other. ”Do you know your purpose?

l started looking for answers and began to listen to Dr Myles on Radio , read his books and watched him on TV. l, realized that l had found a new inspiration to do more. My boys gave me his books as presents for my birthdays and l have quite a collection of his books . l was drawn to his teachings like a magnet. His leadership and Kingdom knowledge brought a new light into my life.

He said the Manufacturer knows the purpose of his products. You have to read and follow his manual to get maximum benefit of his product. God knows your Purpose, He is your Manufacturer. Do Your Read and Understand His Manual for Your life?

l knew then, l had to go back to college and study more. l had to become a solution to the solute and become an equipped as a solvent.

About 3 weeks before his death, while in Nairobi, Dr Myles Munroe told Jeff Koinange.. an important thing… “You Should Die Empty”’ All that the Lord has given to you, you should Give it ALL Out, Become an Empty Vessel; Having Given All.. Go back to the Father, Empty; for that knowledge is for use on Earth.

Do not be Jealous of Giving Solutions to Others is in Life

Today 4th Of Dec, Dr Myles was laid to rest… l ask myself..

Do we share and give Solutions to our friends and families.. Are we well equipped..

Gals … .Are you Full of Knowledge and Wisdom that you Keep for Yourself…

Gals… Can You Share; and Empty Yourself to your Generation….

Gal.!… Are you Going to Give “Your Purpose” Your All and Empty Yourself……………

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4 Responses

  1. Bishop Dr Phillis Hinga says:

    That is so encouraging Dr Janet. I see you in the same path and I thank God you have been doing the same .And you have time to do more until you are empty .i wish you the best in life as you do Gods work

  2. That is very encouraging Dr Janet.i thank God we have you doing the same work.keep it up and encourage many.

  3. Wesley Molapo says:

    Dr Janet it’s Wesley in Welkom free state. I was listening to u on Radio 2000 today at work great stuff and would like to know if one can buy ur books.

  4. Judy says:

    Congratulations Dr Janet
    You are full of inspiration

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