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12 Sep , 2014  

From the fruit of his mouth a man’s stomach is filled; with the harvest from his lips he is satisfied (Proverbs 18:22).

When a wise famer wants to get a Good Harvest, he sits and plans his farming activities well.

He gets grade seeds for his farm. He knows that not all seeds can be planted in the same season.

He prepares the soil in advance and plants the right seeds at the right time.

He knows that being late in planting will affect his harvest for the rains come in season.

He knows that the rains do not wait for the farmer; it’s the farmer who waits for the rain. He is sensitive to the weather changes and he knows the different climatic conditions for different seeds and seasons, for he wants a mighty good and healthy harvest.


In the same token, a wise Woman must know when and what to speak if she is to expect a good harvest. Every Gal should be living the

Reigning Talk, which is defined as, Putting aside all notions of doubt and unbelief and speaking Faith-filled, Positive words at all times.

Every spoken word is a seed. A woman should prepare and plan her harvest well. She should get her grade seeds from the word of God, she should know when to Speak (plant her seeds) and to whom she is speaking to… (Soil …comprised of people) As the seeds require soil, water and air to grow… so do the Words spoken require, Faith, Belief, Confession and Spiritual Atmosphere.

When the weeds appear on the farm alongside his crops, the farmer goes out early and

he UPROOTS all the weeds before they can grow strong and chock his crops. He does

not want the weeds “stealing” nutrients from his crops.

In the same case, like a wise famer…..when a person speaks the wrong words in,

gossip or criticizing, the Negatives, then those words are weeds in your Spiritual

Garden, and You should UPROOT them quickly by asking for forgiveness from God

before they encroach your mind and choke your Spirit with bad word seeds .

Clean your Spiritual Garden, as the farmer tills his farm off weeds.

Gals,…, Since the Spirit of Truth abideth in you and teaches you all things, He will guide

you into all truths. Gals…Therefore… You will confess and speak words of knowledge of

every situation and every circumstance that you come up against.

And…Yes !!!!.…You CAN..for you have the wisdom of God. (John16;13)

Gals… Everyday… You will be Empowered to Release Words of faith into the Earth,

Spiritual Word Seeds that will bring you Both a Spiritual Harvest, and a Natural Physical

Manifestation INTO YOUR LIFE…..

Gals…Speak…. The Right Words and Not What you Feel and


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