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13 Jun , 2014  


The single most important decision you will ever make in your life and the Greatest Expression of your wisdom is:

a.)    Who you Marry and

b.)    What they Activate in Your Life.

It is not just what they contribute to your Life, But What they Activate in Your Life.  There for, Marriage is not just another company.  And the Bible says “Quench not the Spirit”.

There is an inner wind in you that needs to be Activated.  Your Spouse then, must be a

“Source of Inspiration” to you.  Your Spouse’s “Inspiration” must be higher than any other friend or family member is, When you struggle with your Authentic Self?

When you Struggle with who you would prefer to be and you end up just “sitting” Then, its very serious for you, Then something has “died twice in you.”  Life has gone out of You.  The death of “One living” is far more greater death than the actual dead.  For the dead do not have to “Think of What to do”.  They are dead.

Gals, be wise then.  For a Women, it is of paramount importance that she marries a man.

A real man, one that is God Fearing.

  • He must love you above all else.
  • He must see you as the most precious of all his possessions.
  • He must be hardworking.
  • One who is ready to Provide and Protect You.
  • One who worships the ground upon which you walk.
  • One who sees you as “His Entire World”.
  • One who loves God and His Word.
  • One who Tunes “into” your Spirit.

For You Gal…………………

Marry the man you can     Honour and Respect Above All Else.

The power of the marriage can rock the whole world, for now you become:

Two People Operating In One Spirit

“Two Hearts That Beat As One”  

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